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Meet our Sellers: Funda Art and Craft

“Don’t think. Just do. Jump right in and make your dream a reality.” Funda Ozkan Tokatli Having now interviewed a number of our artists on Made By Many Hands, there is something we’ve noticed. While every entrepreneur’s story is vastly different, while every background is diverse, while every outcome is varied, there has been one … read more

Meet our Sellers: Cubeight

Meet our Sellers: The Space Gallery

“Art is an invisible language. As an artist, you’re the only person who knows the poem, the phrase, the sentence, the words. But when you submerge yourself in that, your viewer will connect with it too” Pascale Reuter “I believe that art is anything we do with our heart,” says Pascale Reuter. “And it can … read more

Meet our Sellers: The Wig Chic

“The future is so bright. Being here has made me feel like someone important. It has given me power and has made me dependable. I have had so many doors open and have so many opportunities to help others.” Damalie Tryan Anyone who has been through a challenging health condition or treatment will be aware … read more

Meet our Sellers: Tugu Toys

“My first day in a market, I made $35 and I was the happiest I had ever been!”  – Lhakpa Chodon Lhakpa Chodon is a living, breathing example of the importance of programs like Migrant Women In Business (the enterprise behind Made By Many Hands) and today, we are delighted to tell her story.  “I … read more

Meet our Sellers: Pam Designed

“Every piece gets the best of me.” -Pamela Mujica Pamela Mujica has a story that many women can relate to. “When I had my third child – at age 44 – I decided that I wanted to stay at home to be with her. But I was isolated,” Pamela says. She also felt her pride … read more